Create images for social media using Canva

Create images for social media using Canva

Hello !  Everyone , I think you have already seen the picture given above and might be thinking that how I have made it .Its preety simple .Today in this post I am going to teach you about an important platform for both Blogger as well as Wordpress users through which you can create different covers,Flyer etc and many more images or pictures for your site.
Its very Important to make attractive images for your blogs , Its not only attract eyes , It also convince  the visitor to browse through your website at a glance.
I will show you , How you can create such pictures in a  stepwise manner  :

Step-1: First login to CANVA  website.This is how the homepage of a canva site looks like.


Step-2: Login to CANVA by using your Gmail account or by using Facebook account . After login you will see  the interface like this.


Step-3: Now simply click on the Social Media option from the Recommended menu..You can select any other option depending on your needs.Here we also have a custom image size option and you can use that option too .   After selecting Social media , you will see the screen like this given below.


Step-4: Now  click on any images from the left side. make sure you select the free images only  otherwise you will have to face the copyright issue.I have selected one of the pictures from the left side.


Step-5: After selecting the picture , we will do some editing according to our choice. Here we can change background colour, text colour, size, font style etc and many more.I have changed the background of the above image and some text by using the tools from the left section.This is very simple .


Step-6: After editing , I have made the picture in a less time without any skills like photoshop.If you want to download this picture,simply go to the download button which is along with publish button.


After download , you can use this pictures in your blog or whatever place you like. The downloaded picture which I have made is ,I think you already have seen on the starting of this page.If you want to make pictures in your cell , you can also download this Canva app from Google Play Store.This is how you can create an image through canva platform.

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